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Digital Farming:

AgriTech Intelligence

Date: 2021

Location: Bridgend, South Wales

Development: Digital Data Control for Plant Nutrition and Production 


Digital Farming AgriTech Intelligence

Enabling the establishment and precise replication of food production at any location and time. 


Digital Farming's research centre at Pencoed, South Wales has developed a number of digital farming tools to aid commercial farm planning and plant growing consistency.and replication.

Digital Farming has developed links

with a number of countries interested in adopting its food production technologies and delivery systems.  


The Company is in discussion with northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere states with the view of exporting our digital farming technologies to those climate stressed countries to provide sustainable food solutions.


The proximity and connectivity between Cardiff and Doha, forming an air bridge, combined with Qatar Airways’ immense geographical reach could produce significant benefits for the State of Qatar and those destinations served by Qatar Airlines.

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