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FreshBerry 365

Date: 2021

Location: South Wales

Development: 365 Day Strawberry Production

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 16.19.22.png
Producing 365 days a year
‘zero carbon’ Strawberries.

Development of Digital Farming 


FRESHBERRY365 produce Strawberries with unique characteristics and flavour profile that can be grown all year around in Wales and throughout the world.

Market for home-grown strawberries increased from £74.0 million in 1998,

to £283 million in the 2017 -

an increase of 278% (DEFRA, 2018).


Current UK strawberry production

cannot keep up with demand for home grown strawberry consumption. 

FRESHBERRY365 Strawberries,

grown using the latest closed environment Digital Farming techniques fill this void in the home market.

Further information about FRESHBERRY365 contact:

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