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Digital Daylight

Cool Natural Illumination

Date: 2021

Location: South Wales

Development: Digitally Manufactured Customised Glazing Treatment

Online Specification Distributed Manufacturing Globally Proven Technology

Loose School Classroom, Kent
Digital Daylight Brochure
Loose School Case Study
Award winning 'Energy Efficient Whitehall'
Kia HQ Showroom

Customisable energy saving surface coating

for glass

"Cities are responsible for the majority of our harmful greenhouse gases....also places where the greatest efficiencies can be made" 

Joan Clos Executive Director of UN-HABITAT

Award winning 'Energy Efficient Whitehall' Digital Daylight Technologies provide a global solution for reducing Carbon emissions from millions of buildings, by retrofit of in-situ glazing with proven ‘Cool Glass’ digital daylight coatings.

Coatings which diffuse and re-direct light, block solar gain are proven to be anti-microbial.

To meet global market need the company intends to create an online, non-expert,

user-defined specification and digital production platform, accessible from

any location, enabling cool day-lighting technology to be delivered cost effectively, with optimum market reach. 

Delivering low carbon building solutions, reducing cost of sale and delivery miles, through a global network of distributed digital print production platforms.

Independently tested buildings in the

UK and Malaysia have delivered energy savings of: 30% (Oxford County Hall) and 82% (Johor Malaysia).

Global Market = 68.06 billion m2.

Retrofits United States = $279 billion.

Investment Requirement: £3million

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